Morgan L. Turner

Paleontology | Experimental Biology | Visualization

IMG_20180829_115346_2I am a Ph.D. Candidate in the Stephen Gatesy Lab, at Brown University, interested in the anatomy, function, and evolution of the vertebrate foot—particularly in Archosaurs (alligators, birds, dinosaurs). Currently I am investigating the relationship of underground foot motion and fossil dinosaur tracks using XROMM, animation, programming, collaborations in Virtual Reality, and a dash of electronics.

Creating effective visuals to explore and communicate science has always been a core passion. I work in a variety of methods and media, and have had the opportunity to illustrate for many vertebrate paleontologists and institutions, including a summer artist residency at John Day Fossil Beds National Monument. Recently my focus has been on developing new visual tools to explore complex 3D animal motion through collaborations with Rhode Island School of Design artists and Brown University computer scientists.