Dinosaur Footprint Formation

A long-standing area of research between Stephen Gatesy and Peter Falkingham, I joined this collaboration as a 1st year graduate student. The driving question “What are the sources of dinosaur footprint variation?” has led us down an exciting path of muddy experiments and data visualization challenges. Our work has revealed strong connections between foot movement through soft substrates and landmarks preserved in fossil tracks–permitting morphological frameworks to be constructed and hypotheses of dinosaur foot motion to be tested. Collaboration with Virtual Reality and data visualization experts were invaluable, as the development of a room-sized application allowed us to interactively explore and gain intuition of patterns occurring within our spatiotemporally complex data.
Methods overview from top to bottom: Using XROMM and morphological analysis of penetrative dinosaur track landmarks, shared patterns of subsurface foot motion in living birds and dinosaurs were revealed. CT scans of fossil footprints reveal preserved substrate deformation within the track slab and permit hypotheses of dinosaur foot motion to be tested through foot animation and DEM (Discrete Element Method) particle simulations of the substrate. Virtual Reality visualizations were developed to interactively explore patterns of substrate motion at the particle, particle cluster, surface, and volumetric scales.

Collaborators: Peter Falkingham, Stephen Gatesy, Johannes Novotny, Joshua Tveite, Fritz Drury, David Laidlaw


Falkingham PL, Turner ML, Gatesy SM. (2020). Constructing and testing hypotheses of dinosaur foot motions from fossil tracks using digitization and simulation. Palaeontology. https://doi.org/10.1111/pala.12502

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Conference Workshop: I represented our collaboration at the Virtual Morphology (VirtMorph) symposium and workshop demonstrating our Virtual Reality application at the International Congress of Vertebrate Morphology conference, Prague, Czechia.
Student Engagement: As paleontologist domain scientists, in 2015 and 2017 we contributed our track data and presented our visualization challenges to the course “Virtual Reality Design for Science” jointly offered at Brown University + Rhode Island School of Design. Through both iterations of the course, the process of Scientific Sketching revealed many valuable insights that inspired our VR collaboration to meet weekly for four years.
Museum Exhibit: Custom museum exhibit and website on fossil dinosaur track formation created for permanent display at the Beneski Museum of Natural History at Amherst College, MA. See the accompanying museum website for videos!

selected talks

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